Improving Access
to Care

Nurses must be allowed to practice to the full extent of their education and training.


Goal and Impact

State laws and federal policies are among factors that keep nurses from contributing all they can to America’s health needs and wellness. The Campaign for Action is pushing for changes that would allow nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training. Lifting restrictions means that more Americans will have better access to high-quality, affordable health care when and where they need it, including in rural and other underserved areas of the country. Prioritizing access for all is essential to achieving health equity.

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This graph is a part of the Campaign for Action Dashboard, which contains metrics on state practice environment for nurse practitioners, and racial, ethnic and gender composition of nursing graduates, workforce, faculty, and deans.

  • State practice environment for nurse practitioners
  • State practice environment for certified nurse-midwives
  • NCSBN’s Consensus Model implementation status map
  • Number of nurse-led clinics in the United States
  • Percentage of U.S. Nurse-Led Clinics in Medically Underserved Areas


  1. Kansas Joins States Offering Consumers Improved Access Care

    Kansas’ approximately 3 million residents will soon have direct access to primary care from more

    Issues: Improving Access to Care,   Locations: Kansas,  

  2. New York Increases People’s Access to Nurse-Provided Care

    New York’s more than 20 million residents will now have direct access to primary health care from nurse practitioners. On April 9, Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the state budget into law, and it included a provision that secured improved health care access for residents in the state. more

    Issues: Improving Access to Care,   Locations: New York,  

  3. Update: More States Improved Patients’ Access to Nurses in 2021

    Lifting restrictions on the care nurses can provide gives more Americans better access to more

    Issues: Improving Access to Care,  

  4. Giving Thanks

    The weeks before and after Thanksgiving are usually filled with grace and gratefulness. And so more

    Issues: Improving Access to Care,  

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  1. Pathways to Promote Academic Success for American Indian/Alaska Native Nursing Students: A Mentoring Curriculum for Nursing Faculty

    Oct 10, 2023

    The purpose of this resource is to guide faculty on culturally responsive approaches for engaging and mentoring of American Indian /Alaskan Native students, as well as to offer teaching and learning strategies for faculty to use with students. (Updated October 4, 2023). The more

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  2. State Progress in Removing Barriers to Practice and Care

    Jul 07, 2023

    Since the Campaign began, 14 states (Utah–2023, Kansas–2022, New York–2022, Delaware–2021, Massachusetts–2020, South Dakota–2017, Maryland–2015, Nebraska–2015, Minnesota–2014, Connecticut–2014, Nevada–2013, Rhode Island–2013, North Dakota–2011, and more

    Issues: Improving Access to Care, Location: National,


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