Who is an equity-minded nurse?

Equity-minded nurses are those with the knowledge, skills, and desire to advance health equity. Equity-minded nurses recognize themselves as informed and capable drivers of change who are uniquely poised to inform healthcare practice, policies, research, and educational standards, according to Piri Ackerman-Barger, PhD, RN, FAAN, a health equity fellow with the Campaign, associate dean of Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and professor at the University of California Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing.

Make Nursing and Health Equity Inseparable
Equity-Minded Nurse Educator Kamila A. Alexander, Johns Hopkins University
How to Practice Health Equity in Nursing
Equity-Minded Nurse Practice Awardee, Kelly Ayala, Wisconsin
Social Determinants of Health Must Inform Nursing
Equity-Minded Nurse Leader Vicki Hines-Martin, University of Louisville
Nursing Should Be Clear-eyed about Disparities
Equity-Minded Nurse Rising Star Kelly McGlothen-Bell, UT San Antonio
Nursing Should Center Patients and People
Equity-Minded Nurse Researcher, S. Raquel Ramos, Yale University

What does it mean to be an equity-minded nurse?

We asked nine nurses to share what it means to each to be equity-minded. Below are their responses:

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