Building Healthier Communities

Nurses help lead the effort to see that everyone lives the healthiest life possible.


Goal and Impact

Everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible. But well-being depends on many factors beyond one’s control: environment, income levels, education, and more. Nurses are vital to the effort to address the various aspects of health, and so build healthier communities. As familiar and trusted stewards of good health in schools, workplaces, public health facilities, hospitals, and other community settings, nurses are helping build a Culture of Health.


As the Campaign for Action comes to better understand how its successes and contributions are helping build a Culture of Health, progress is being measured in the four areas that together support people’s well-being and a community’s health: creating more equitable communities; fostering cross-sector collaboration; making health a shared value; and strengthening the integration of health services and systems.

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Building Healthier Communities

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