We're building a healthier
America through nursing.

The Campaign's path to creating wellness for more Americans is guided by Institute of Medicine recommendations.

Our Areas of Work

  • Improving Health Equity

    Improving Health Equity

    Addressing health equity will require serious reflection on our identities and responsibilities as nurses, nurse champions and contributing members of society. Then we will need the willpower to turn that reflection into action.

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  • Building Healthier Communities

    Building Healthier Communities

    Nurses help lead the effort to see that everyone lives the healthiest life possible.

    What We are Doing

    Action Coalitions are partnering with schools, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and others in their communities to drive this movement that places well-being at the center of all aspects of life.

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  • Increasing Diversity in Nursing

    Increasing Diversity in Nursing

    The nursing workforce should reflect the country’s rich cultural and ethnic diversity.

    What We are Doing

    The number of minority students enrolled in advanced nursing education is increasing, as is the number of men in baccalaureate and graduate courses in nursing.

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  • Improving Access to Care

    Improving Access to Care

    Nurses must be allowed to practice to the full extent of their education and training.

    What We are Doing

    Since the Campaign began, nine states have increased consumers’ access to care by removing legal barriers that prevent nurses from providing care to the full extent of their education.

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  • Promoting Nursing Leadership

    Promoting Nursing Leadership

    For our nation to be its healthiest, nurses should serve in leadership positions.

    What We are Doing

    The Campaign helped found the Nurses on Boards Coalition—19 nursing organizations and AARP and RWJF—with a goal of improving health by getting 10,000 nurses on boards throughout towns and communities by 2020.

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  • Transforming Nursing Education

    Transforming Nursing Education

    Nurses must be prepared to meet increasingly complex health needs in all settings.

    What We are Doing

    The last few years have seen more nurses graduating with a bachelor’s degree and a rise in employed nurses with doctoral degrees. Five education models have streamlined the process of earning advanced degrees.

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  • Collecting Workforce Data

    Collecting Workforce Data

    Accurate, ongoing data collection in all areas is needed to develop the workforce the country needs.

    What We are Doing

    For the first time, national nursing organizations and federal agencies that collect data on the nursing workforce came together to create a plan to harness information about nurses at the state and national levels.

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  • Fostering Interprofessional Collaboration

    Fostering Interprofessional Collaboration

    Nurses must collaborate with advocates in health, business, education, city planning, and more to promote well-being for all in the community.

    What We are Doing

    Health and other professional schools are developing and expanding initiatives that team nursing students and nurses with professionals in multiple fields to improve the delivery of care to consumers.

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