The Virginia Action Coalition’s mission is to implement solutions to important issues facing the nursing profession throughout the Commonwealth. We build upon nurse-based approaches to improving quality and transforming the way Virginians receive health care. We make Virginia a place where nursing excels.



If nurses are to be as effective as possible in helping to provide high-quality patient care in Virginia, they will need to be better prepared as care becomes more complex and moves into the community.
We are educating the nursing workforce and stakeholders on the importance of achieving higher levels of education and implementing education progression. We work to support nursing leaders in the implementation of strategies to employ a more educated workforce.
Over the last year, we have developed a forecasting and strategy tool for predictive modeling and presented it to hospitals all over the state. We met with the state Board of Nursing to discuss the importance of seamless education progression and collaborated with recipients of the Richmond Memorial Health Foundation Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future Grant on seamless education progression. We have also created a RN to BSN guide for nurses who want to further their education. This year, we are working on webinars to promote our forecasting tool, indentifying best practices to facilitate seamless educational progression, and turning our focus to residency programs.


Nurses bring a unique, important perspective to health care, higher education, business and policy discussions. Faced with Virginia’s significant health care challenges, nurses at all levels must step up, and contribute their valued perspective. 


We are developing strategies to ensure nurses have the skills needed to provide leadership from the bedside to the boardroom.

Over the last year, we have surveyed nurses across the state to determine what nurses are serving on boards and to identify those nurses interested in joining boards. We also determine which boards would benefit from a nursing voice. We have given special recognition to the top 40 under 40 nurses in our state and are working on a toolkit for nurse leaders.  In the next year, we hope to broaden our scope and focus on developing a mentorship program, seeking grant funding for partnerships, and work with board development organizations to help provide education to those who want to serve. 


We believe all nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training. We work to promote the idea that advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) are well-positioned to meet the growing demand for primary, preventive, and chronic care.


In the last year, we have been frequent guests at APRN meetings across Virginia. We identified barriers to practice in statutory (code) and are helping facilities to determine the practice parameters for their institution. To better educate our community about what APRNs really do, we published a series of “Myth Busters” articles in Virginia Nurses Today. We are collaborating with the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners and the Medical Society of Virginia to work on removing barriers to care throughout the state. We were proud to announce that House Bill 346 was passed and signed by our governor; this bill promotes a collaborative approach between physicians and nurse practitioners. Over the next year, we hope to culminate results of identified RN/APRN barriers into a qualitative research project. We also are working on legislative strategies to impact statutory and regulatory barriers that prevent nurses from practicing to the full extent of their education and training. 

Interprofessional Collaboration

To ensure high quality, patient-centered care, nurses, physicians and other health professionals must collaborate in education and practice, and across all health care settings.    


To foster collaboration, we are developing and deploying best practices in team/interprofessional practice models. We want nurses to practice according to their level of education and licensure to improve and transform health care.

In the last year, we have met to discuss a team-based care model with diverse groups of participants including nurses, physicians, chaplains, pharmacists and nurse practitioners. We are working with the Medical Society of Virginia and the Virginia Nurses Association to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum on team based care delivery models. We’ are developing fundraising strategies to provide financial support for a new interdisciplinary leadership institute focused on engaging physician and nurse leaders. Over the next year, our goal is to identify models that already are working and we are looking for the right partners to champion this idea and help us translate it across disciplines and settings. 


Virginia’s population is becoming increasingly diverse and many residents have unique health care needs. The nursing workforce must evolve to reflect these changing dynamics.


We will work with our colleagues throughout the state to communicate the value of diversifying the nursing workforce to reflect the state’s population, while also looking to other successful programs as models for implementation.


Effective deployment of the health care workforce requires information – data to tell us what kind of health providers we will need and with what skills. Yet major gaps exist in the workforce data we now have.  


The Workforce Data Subgroup of the Virginia Action Coalition gathered data from the Virginia Department of Health Professions and other sources on both the projected supply of and demand for nurses in Virginia. Dr. Richardean Benjamin created a white paper which was reviewed by Dr. Nina Beaman and then submitted to the rest of the subgroup. Additional information was added by the Virginia Department of Health Professions and the white paper was published and distributed.



Shirley Gibson, President, Virginia Nurses Foundation

Janet Wall, CEO, Virginia Nurses Association

David DeBiasi, Associate State Director, AARP Virginia

AC Coordinator: Kristin Jimison, Director of Communications and Member Engagement, Virginia Nurses Association

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