As a recipient of Stratis Health’s 2023 Building Healthier Communities award, The Minnesota Action Coalition (MAC) Pipeline for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Youth in Nursing and Other Health Professions will create the initial phases of a multipage, full-featured, interactive website and associated user database to serve rural and urban-based AI/AN middle school students, their mentors, parents/guardians, and MAC organizational partners. The mission of the MAC is to  create an Indigenous-led coalition to support greater health equity and health care quality in Minnesota. We value the partnership of the 2023 Minnesota Nursing Innovations grant winner Augsburg University who joins the MAC as an organizational partner in this mission. 

The MAC website will lay the groundwork to mentor AI/AN youth in middle schools state-wide to explore academic and career paths in nursing and other health professions. In addition, the MAC will introduce students to qualities and skills for academic success and build partner relationships with organizations to support the MAC’s mission.