Removing Barriers to Practice and Care

America is faced with a shortage of primary care physicians, increasing health care costs, and an aging and sicker population. As the largest proportion of health care providers, the nation’s three million nurses are poised to address these demands.

In this envisioned future, primary care and prevention are central drivers of the health care system. Interprofessional collaboration and coordination are the norm. Payment for health care services rewards value - not volume - of services, and quality care is provided at a price that is affordable for both individuals and society.  


To fully realize nurses’ potential contribution to a patient-centered, seamless, transformed health care system, the campaign is leading efforts to modernize outdated policies (public and private), change state and federal laws and regulations, and remove cultural and organizational barriers.  We are implementing a learning collaborative to help states achieve success; engaging national stakeholder partners in state, federal and private sector efforts; and engaging stakeholders to ensure we are inclusive of nurses practicing in all sectors.

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