Aug 22, 2017

Workforce Expert, Citing Studies, Questions Dated Laws, Practices

iStock_000014204460LargeJoanne Spetz, PhD, FAAN, associate director of research at Healthforce Center at the University of California San Francisco, studies the effect of policies and politics on the nursing workforce. In a recent interview with Online FNP Programs, Spetz talks about her findings on the impact expanded advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) scope of practice laws have on consumers’ access to health care and health outcomes—a key issue for the Campaign for Action.

What she finds, not surprisingly, is that restrictive policies, politics, and culture not only get in the way of nurses, they also fail consumers.

“Has any study shown that physician oversight of APRNs improves quality of care and yields better safety or quality?” Spetz rhetorically asked the interviewer. “No, not at all. There is no evidence that these scope of practice regulations improve quality or safety for patients.” she says.

Read the interview here.