Mission: To improve healthcare access, quality, & cost-effectiveness in a manner that embraces & reflects diversity in Nebraska through collaborative partnerships with consumers, providers, policy makers, and businesses. Vision: Transform Leadership. Embrace Diversity. Promote Best practices. Provide Quality Healthcare.

New release August 21, 2015: Kathy Karstings named RWJF Public Health Nurse Leader.


White Paper: Leadership and Education in Nebraska. Published December 2014.

This white paper offers background, solutions and conclusions resulting from the statewide planning and outcomes of the State Implementation Program I RWJF grant. The outcomes lay the foundation for subsequent initiatives/funding opportunities to continue the transformation of healthcare in Nebraska and the nation.  

See case study just released by TCC group on the Nebraska Action Coalition.



The  nurse of the future in Nebraska needs to be as effective as possible in leading care that is of  high-quality and  patient-centered, with an interprofessional focus to improve delivery.


The Nebraska Action Coalition in collaboration with NE Assembly of Nursing Deans & Directors or NANDD (comprised of  20 schools of nursing) is working to create seamless academic progression of nursing education from the LPN through graduate degrees.  This is being accomplished through development of competencies across all education levels, data analysis of current curriculums to identify competency gaps, and implementation of a pilot program.

January 17, 2013 - Awarded funding for SIP application: Merging Leadership & Education to Implement IOM Recommendations in Nebraska

October 2013 - Pilot underway to test competency-based curriculum of RN to BSN programs using a portfolio system to present the five competencies (developed and approved by NANDD) required for credit.

December 2014 - Increase in BSNs of 9.1% from 2012 -2014. Total BSNs in Nebraska now 61%. White Paper published. 



Nurses bring a unique, important perspective to health care, education, business and policy discussions that are often not heard. Faced with Nebraska’s significant health care challenges, nurses at all levels must contribute their valuable perspective through healthcare decision making bodies and Board involvement.

SIP 1 Outcomes December 2014: Leadership on boards/decision making bodies increased by 15% based on May 2013 Leadership Survey. American Assembl of Men in Nursing chartered October 2014. Two 40 Under 40 celebrations honoring emerging nurse leaders held in September 2012 and 2014. Research study on mentor/mentee dyad pairs involving 40 Under 40 recipients.


We understand that communicating the value of nursing leadership, and building allies are critical to providing opportunities for nurses to take on leadership roles. At the same time nurses must develop leadership competencies, and identify opportunities to contribute their value. We will engage Nebraska’s nurses at all levels to train and provide them with opportunities to lead.     

January, 2011: Convened steering committee

March, 2011: Steering Committee (Executive Committee) formed

Spring, 2011: Aligned major Nebraska nursing organization

May, 2011: Identified Co-Leads                                                                                        

  • Visiting Nurse Association nurse lead organization
  • HDR, Inc. non-nurse lead organization (architectural firm involved in healthcare design)

Feb., 2012:  Director hired

May, 2012:  D. Frey, MD V.P. of Health Sciences, Creighton & C. Benjamin, Director AARP, NE join Strategic Advisory Committee (SAC)

July, 2012:  Leadership Team formed. P.Lopez MSN, Public Health Assc. NE joins SAC

Sept. 13, 2012:  Kick-off celebration of Leadership Team - reception Honoring Nurse Leaders: 40 under 40. 130 attended including stakeholders. Winifred Quinn CCNA guest speaker

Sept. 14, 2012:  Nurses Leading at All Levels: Bedside to Boardroom attended by 126 nurses. W. Quinn, Angela Barron McBride PhD, conference and summit

November, 2012 Kim Moore, MSN, CEO St. Elizabeth's Hospital, RWJF Fellow, joins SAC

January, 2013 -  Engaging 40 U 40 by recruiting for governor and DHHS board appointments

January 11, 2013 First CAH IOM presentation in McCook for nurse leaders.

January 17, 2013 Awarded funding for SIP application: Merging Leadership & Education to Implement IOM Recommendations in Nebraska

May 8, 2013 North Regional Nursing/Interprofessional Conference and Stakeholder's Roundtable Breakfast in Columbus. Addition of SAC member Branen Betz of Aureus Medical (C & A Industries).

June 19, 2013 South Regional Nursing/Interprofessional Conference and Stakeholder's Roundtable Breakfast in Kearney. Quarterly Statewide Practice & Leadership Team Meetings held

Sept. 11, 2013 West Regional Nursing/Interprofessional Conference and Stakeholder's Roundtable Breakfast in Ogallala

Nov 5, 2013 Formation of Diversity Taskforce. Diversity champion assigned at every NAC meeting to keep diversity top of mind in our action plans

Nov 22, 2013 East Regional Nursing/Interprofessional Conference and Stakeholder's Roundtable Breakfast in Omaha

March 1, 2014 Begin pilot of mentor/mentee pairs one in each of 4 regions in Nebraska to prepare nurses for board/decision-making bodies

April 22, 2014 Sending winning applicant to  STTI Leadership Institute's Board Service: Passion, Preparation, and Power. Winning applicant will produce webinar to train mentors across the state.

September 19, 2014 Second 40 Under 40 celebration held. Followed by a Leadership/Diversity Conference and keynote Dr. Linda Burnes Bolton on the 20th. 

February 2015 RWJF awarded SIP 3 to Nebraska. Full matching grant.








Nurses are often the sole health care providers for Nebraska’s rural citizens. Removing outdated laws and regulations that restrict the practice & reimbursement of these providers will expand access to those who need high quality health care in even the most remote corners of the state. 

March 5, 2015 Nebraska becomes 20th state to gain full practice autority for nurse practitioners!


LB 916 pocket vetoed by then Governor Heineman following closure of the 2014 Legislative session which did not allow for an override.

LB107 to remove IPA  became law in March 2015

Interprofessional Collaboration

To ensure high quality, patient-centered care, nurses, physicians and other health professionals must collaborate in education and practice, and across all health care settings. 


We are building partnerships with diverse stakeholders, including physicians and other health providers, to encourage mutual understanding and collaboration and to integrate interprofessional strategies into education and transition to practice initiatives. The Action Coalition seeks to promote a balance of skills and perspectives among all health professionals.



As a rural state with growing elderly and minority populations, we strive to recognize their unique health care needs and will strive to provide a diverse workforce to provide culturally sensitive care.

December 2014: Male nurses increased by 0.6% from 2012 - 2014. Now 6% of RNs in Nebraska. Minorities in nursing increased 1.3% now 6% of RNs in nursing.



We will work with our colleagues throughout the state to communicate the value of diversifying the nursing workforce to reflect the state’s population, while also looking to other successful programs as models for implementation. 

Recent appointments to regional co-chair positions have heeded the call for diversity among our leadership recognizing minority populations, men, and rural representation

November 5, 2013 - formation of diversity taskforce. Meeting monthly. Speaker's Bureau currently speaking at AHEC high school events, AHEC, and Douglas Co. Youth Center.

August 2014 - Completion of diversity toolkit. To be disseminated across state particularly in high schools and AHEC programs.


Effective deployment of the health care workforce requires information – data to tell us what kind of health providers we will need and with what skills. Yet major gaps exist in the workforce data we now have.

April, 2013 Leadership Survey completed (N= 1161) to assess participation on and interest in decision-making bodies and boards.

June, 2013 NE Center for Nursing officially joins NAC as a partner to collecting meaningful data. Included on organizational chart.



We are partnering with the Nebraska Center for Nursing to address data collection in our state so we can identify workforce requirements and to provide timely and publicly available data for our health care providers. Accurate and comprehensive workforce numbers will support our efforts to promote data-driven policy decisions to improve health care for patients and families in our state. 






James Summerfelt, President and CEO, Visiting Nurse Association

Cyndi McCullough MSN, RN , Vice President , HDR Architecture, Inc.

Victoria Vinton MSN, RN, Director, Nebraska Action Coalition 

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