State Action Coalitions

Action Coalitions are the driving force of the Campaign at the local and state levels, forming a strong network of diverse stakeholders working to transform health care through nursing.

In Indiana, Physicians and Nurses Work Together to Transform Nursing

For the Indiana Action Coalition, nurses and doctors are joining together to transform the nursing profession to improve health and health care in the state. 

Kimberly Harper, RN, MS, executive director of the Indiana Center for Nursing, and Richard Kiovsky, MD, FAAFP, professor of clinical family medicine at Indiana University, have teamed up as co-leads of the Indiana Action Coalition, a group of nurses and nursing champions who are working to transform the nursing profession.

The Coalition is co-led by a doctor and a nurse; the executive committee comprises two nurses and two doctors; and its 22-member steering committee includes six people who are not nurses, three of whom are physicians. Learn more about the Indiana Action Coalition. 


Nurse Leaders Mount Campaign in Large State With Small-Town Feel 

For the Montana Action Coalition, living in a frontier state has its advantages.

“It’s like living in a small town,” Cynthia Gustafson, the Montana Action Coalition co-lead said. “We know each other. We have easy access to policymakers. They might be your neighbors or your friends—or even your students.”

The small-town feel of Montana—one of the country’s largest states by area but one of its smallest by population—makes Gustafson’s job as co-lead of a campaign to improve health and health care by transforming the nursing profession that much easier. When Gustafson, PhD, RN, executive director of the Montana Board of Nursing (MHA), wants to hold a statewide meeting on nurse education policy, for example, she can simply contact her friends at the state’s nurse education programs and arrange a conference call. Learn more about the Montana Action Coalition.

*Excerpts taken from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Sharing Nursing's Knowledge



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