Jun 10, 2024

NC FON AC Members Contribute to North Carolina Institute of Medicine Task Force

North Carolina Future of Nursing Action Coalition (NC FON AC) members joined with other nurse leaders, researchers, advocates, and elected officials to serve on the North Carolina Institute of Medicine Task Force on the Future of the Nursing Workforce. NC FON AC Executive Committee Co-Chair Dr. Catherine Sevier was task force Co-Chair while Drs. Jill Forcina, Sara Griffith, Valerie Howard, Cheryl Jones, and Susan Haynes Little contributed as steering committee and/or task force members. 

The North Carolina Institute of Medicine convened the Task Force on the Future of the Nursing Workforce to develop policy recommendations that ensure nurses feel prepared and supported to practice in our state. This work was supported by The NC Pandemic Recovery Office, The Duke Endowment, and AARP NC. Stephanie McGarrah, Executive Director of The North Carolina Pandemic Recovery Office, said: “The task force has provided a path forward to address a workforce crisis that threatens the health and well being of all North Carolinians. More than ever, we owe it to our nursing professionals to take action using the strategies laid out in this report.”

The task force worked over a 12 month period to develop 8 evidence-based recommendations for Securing a Strong Nursing Workforce for North Carolina. These policy recommendations address the nursing shortage in North Carolina by ensuring nurses are valued and supported in their work. They include developing a strong and diverse nurse workforce; enhancing the educational and career advancement of nurses through all stages of their careers; ensuring a workplace culture that values the well-being of nurses; expanding the role of nurses in leadership; improving the retention of nurses; equipping nurses to be strong advocates for nursing and health care improvement; quantifying the value of nursing care; and optimizing the payment for health care services. NC FON AC Co-Chair Dr. Valerie Howard stated, “serving on the steering committee provided NC FON AC members a powerful opportunity to partner with other leaders across the state who are working to advance our shared vision to improve the health and health outcomes of North Carolinians and ensure we have the nursing workforce needed to achieve this goal.”  NC FON AC Co-Chair Dr. Catherine Sevier added, “The task force worked extremely hard to understand how serious the nursing shortage is in North Carolina. Now, we must address the findings, innovate, and make the changes needed to assure a healthy future for our state.”