Action Coalitions are grassroots coalitions organized by individuals and organizations with the goal of transforming health care at the state level. Alaska’s many nursing and nurse champion organizations are coordinating efforts, and developing strategic plans to enter the Action Coalition network. Stay tuned for updates on their progress.


If nurses are to be as effective as possible in helping to provide high-quality patient care in Alaska, they will need to be better prepared as care becomes more complex and moves into the community.



Nurses bring a unique, important perspective to health care, higher education, business and policy discussions. Faced with Alaska's significant health care challenges, nurses at all levels must step up, and contribute their valued perspective.



In our rural state, access to quality health care is challenging. So it is important that Alaska's nurses practice to the full extent of their education and training. Changes to state laws support this, however, institutional barriers still exist.


Interprofessional Collaboration

To ensure high quality, patient-centered care, nurses, physicians and other health professionals must collaborate in education and practice, and across all health care settings.



Alaska's population is becoming increasingly more diverse, and many residents have unique health care needs. The nursing workforce must evolve to reflect these changing dynamics.



Effective deployment of the health care workforce requires information – data to tell us what kind of health providers we will need and with what skills. Yet major gaps exist in the workforce data we now have.



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