Aug 02, 2021

Action Plans for Recommendation 3 of the Future of Nursing 2030 Report

On June 3 and 4, 2021, the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action assembled key opinion leaders, experts, and change makers across the fields of health care, nursing and health equity. The goal: Build actions plans to operationalize the National Academy of Medicine’s Future of Nursing 2020 2030: Charting a Path to Achieve Health Equity report. Below are the action plans related to Recommendation #3. The draft workplans are examples of how the recommendation may be addressed.

All Action Plans

By 2021, nursing education programs, employers, nursing leaders, licensing boards, and nursing organizations should initiate the implementation of structures, systems, and evidence- based interventions to promote nurses’ health and well-being, especially as they take on new roles to advance health equity.


3.1 Nursing education programs: Integrate content on nurses’ health and well-being into their programs.

3.2 Nursing education programs: Create mechanisms to protect students most at risk for behavioral health challenges.

3.3 Employers: Provide sufficient human and material resources to enable nurses to provide high-quality care effectively and safely.

3.4 Employers: Establish a culture of physical and psychological safety.

3.5 Employers: Create mechanisms to protect nurses from retaliation.

3.6 Employers: Support diversity, equity, and inclusion across the nursing workforce.

3.7 Employers: Prioritize and invest in health interventions for nurses, including reward programs.

3.8 Employers: Establish and standardize processes that strengthen nurses’ contribution to improving design and delivery of care and decision making.

3.9 Employers: Reduce stigma associated with mental and behavioral health treatment for nurses.

3.10 Employers: Collect systematic data to better understand the health and well- being of the nursing workforce.