State Implementation Program

Phases: SIP 2  SIP 4 

Preparing Virginia Nurses to Lead Change and Advance Health

Project Plans:

This project builds on the work products of the grantee’s existing RWJF State Implementation Program grant to develop a inter-professional collaborative practice model.  A related pilot was recently completed, with lessons learned.  The grantee has now partnered with the state medical association and hospital association to develop and provide a training program.  The course will include four in-person training workshops and mixed-modality asynchronous learning, as well as a capstone project specific to individual work settings.  Promising practices and outcomes will be disseminated through a series of summit meetings.  The value of nurses practicing to their full training and education will also be messaged.  Diversity and inclusion will be addressed through thoughtful marketing, evaluation of diversity metrics, and the inclusion of students from traditionally underrepresented groups for both the program and summit attendance.


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