State Implementation Program

Phases: SIP 2  SIP 4 

Advancing Alabama’s Registered Nurse Educational Level and Workforce Planning to Achieve a Higher Ratio of BSN and Graduate Prepared Nurses

Project Plans:

The grantee will support academic progression through continued outreach including:

  • Visiting 10 nursing programs and five other agencies.
  • Visiting minority organizations.
  • Promoting health careers to 20 high school and middle school students.
  • Holding two meetings with Chief Nursing Officers from across the care continuum advocating for financial resources for nurses pursing educational advancement.
  • Developing a “comparison profile” for graduate level degrees within the state.
  • Providing six new $500 scholarships for graduate students with matching funds.
  • Addressing diversity by forming a state chapter of a national minority nurses’ organization, and by including two of that groups’ members in the Action Coalition.
  • Funding one member of that group to attend a national conference.
  • Collecting nursing workforce data through re-licensure and from nursing schools, and plan to strengthen the data collection process. We may also require a new survey for students and faculty.

Sustainability efforts will include current support of Action Coalition infrastructure and a brainstorming session focused on re-establishing a Center of Nursing Excellence.


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