May 13, 2021

Campaign for Action PPT Template

If you would like to create your own slides, you may use the blank Campaign PowerPoint template. However, because this template bears the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation logo, please:

  • Do not use such a slide for any presentations that constitute lobbying under Internal Revenue Service rules (e.g., a presentation to legislators or their staff that refers to a specific legislative proposal, or a presentation to the public that refers to a specific legislative proposal and includes a call to action, such as “call or write your legislator”).
  • Do feel free to customize this blank template with text and images, as long as you have appropriate permission for any images you include and your use does not violate copyright law.

These rules are intended to protect copyrighted materials licensed by the Campaign but owned by other entities. Any penalties resulting from improper use of these presentations – including demands for payment from the owners of any images used – are the responsibility of the individual and/or the Action Coalition. If you have any questions about how to use these PowerPoint presentations, please contact Campaign staff for assistance.