State Implementation Program

Phases: SIP 1  SIP 3 

ReNEW (Revolutionizing Nursing Education in Wyoming)

Project Plans:

This project is seeking to improve and enhance work on academic progression accomplished through the earlier RWJF State Implementation Program funding. The previously developed clinical passport system and clinical education support will be further implemented statewide. The project expands to support a statewide standardized nursing curriculum that has been under development for several years: a shared curriculum model that allows students to earn an associate degree at any community college in Wyoming and then continue seamlessly to a BSN degree at the University of Wyoming.

To ensure quality, the project will support and encourage community colleges and the University of Wyoming as they pursue accreditation, by developing templates and offering consultations. To encourage student participants, the project plans to develop a common application process, and incorporate financial aid and student advising. The project will attain baseline diversity metrics , develop a diversity action plan, and begin implementation. A nursing education summit will focus on diversity.


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