State Implementation Program

Phases: SIP 2  SIP 4 

Project Plans:

This project builds on the work of the grantee’s existing State Implementation Program grant, in which the grantee attained consensus on a nurse competency model for academic progression.  Three teams (community college, university, and practice) completed the first steps of program development and proposed pilots to implement the new model.  The grantee will utilize RWJF SIP 4 funds to support those pilots.  The grantee will implement a messaging campaign about value of academic progression and a series of strategies to address barriers.

The grantee will expand data collection and analysis.  New areas of focus will include information related to nursing faculty, additional diversity information, and aspects of inter-professional collaboration.

Inter-professional education will be supported through a conference and a web link to resources.  Although leadership has not been identified as an area of focus, the grantee includes substantive content in this domain, including curricular mapping of leadership content in undergraduate programs, leadership training, and advocacy related to board service culminating in a 5% increase in the number of nurses serving on boards.  The grantee will include diversity in their data collection efforts and will explore strategies for increasing diversity.


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