State Implementation Program

Phases: SIP 2  SIP 4 

Nevada Action Coalition- State Implementation Program

Project Plans:

The grantee will continue to build on the work of their existing RWJF State Implementation Program grant.  As such, the grantee will:

  • Strengthen existing transition to practice programs in acute care facilities, including the dissemination of national standards and support for standardized evaluation.
  • Review transition-to-practice programs in long term care settings, including literature review, assessment of existing programs, and consultation with Action Coalitions who have developed programs.
  • Create a data dashboard on current nursing educational levels in Nevada using data recently made available.
  • Forming the first statewide RN to BSN committee (to include students).
  • Evaluate current messaging about academic progression to AD students and current support offered by employers.
  • Explore integrated nursing education pathways.
  • Address Action Coalition sustainability by developing a strategic plan, completing the 501(c)3 application initiated during RWJF SIP 2, fund-raising, and other infrastructure strengthening.
  • Initiate diversity and inclusion activities to include continuing the Diversity Task Force, messaging high school students about nursing careers, and developing a mentorship program for new nurses from underrepresented groups, The leadership subcommittee of the Diversity Task Force will evaluate best practices for nursing professional development.

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