State Implementation Program

Phases: SIP 1  SIP 3 

The Missouri Center for Nursing: Advancement, Access, Advocacy, and Awareness

Project Plans:

The project will solidify the structure of the Action Coalition by securing partnerships with three or more like-minded coalitions, applying for funding and hosting fundraising events, and forming a Board of Directors.

The project will also continue to expand the work of the previous RWJF State Implementation Grant, further developing the leadership academy. The academy will be developed four times, with 10% representation from diverse groups. As a companion effort, a database of nurses on boards will be created, including those prepared to serve on boards and/or as mentors. The project will also equip nurses to be active and recognized as advocates for advancing health in Missouri, including partnerships with other organizations, and five advocacy trainings. Eligibility for grant-funded programs in support of this goal will include individuals who are members of any group that has been historically underrepresented in the nursing workforce in general or in BSN-level or higher, e.g. individuals from ethnic, racial, or immigrant groups historically underrepresented, as well as first-generation college students, residents of rural communities, and men.