State Implementation Program

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Innovations in Nursing Education and Practice:

Mississippi’s Nurse of the Future.

Project Accomplishments:


The Mississippi Action Coalition focused on increasing the supply of nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) through a variety of approaches including:

  • Marketing RN-to-BSN programs to nursing organizations across the state.
  • Creating seamless progression models using the competency model in 75 percent of nursing programs in the state.
  • Establishing dedicated education units in hospitals in rural areas of the state.

Through consultation and meetings with nursing leaders from both nursing education programs and their practice partners, the Action Coalition provided the education framework for collaborators to move forward in developing competency-based curricula models for seamless academic progression.


The Diversity Committee of the Action Coalition worked on the development of a mentor/mentee program for underrepresented groups in Doctor of Nurse Practice (DNP) programs. Five mentors were identified from within the Mississippi Black Nurses Association and the Eliza Pillars nursing organization. Those mentors were paired with current DNP and Master of Science students. They used evidenced based materials and consultation with a national diversity consultant as the foundation of the project.

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