Jan 01, 2010

Nurses and Health Information Technology

Key Findings:
  • HIT implementation improves the quality of nursing documentation in most studies, by having more information recorded, fewer errors in documentation, and more complete assessments of nursing-sensitive patient outcomes.
  • Most studies reported that nurses spent about the same amount of time or less time on documentation after HIT implementation.
  • Research is inconsistent regarding whether electronic documentation systems enable nurses to spend more time on direct patient care activities.
  • Reductions in medication administration errors are common after the introduction of medication administration systems.
  • Nurses are generally satisfied with HIT and have positive attitudes about it. Demographics such as age, gender, nursing experience, highest level of nursing education, and prior computer experience do not consistently influence attitudes.
  • Nurse involvement in all stages of HIT development and implementation and effective leadership throughout these processes can improve the effective implementation and utilization of HIT.
  • More research is needed to determine how a nurse’s use of HIT impacts nursing-sensitive patient outcomes.