Oct 09, 2014

IOM Advanced Practice Task Force of Iowa

Following a statewide meeting in July 2013, the Iowa Action Coalition formed the IOM Advanced Practice Task Force.  Co-leaders of the task force are Maria Lofgren (maria-lofgren@uiowa.edu) and Laura Baker (Laura.Baker@unitypoint.org).  The first 3 priorities of the task force are:

  • Create presentations and Q&A document targeted toward boards of directors of healthcare organizations
  • Develop tool kit for changing facility by-laws
  • Provide editorials for local newspapers

The task force is working toward increasing ARNP representation on practice committees in healthcare organizations.  The tool kit devoped by the task force provides a guideline for making changes to clinical staff bylaws to remove barriers to practice for ARNPs.

The presentation and Q&A document are designed to address the lack of knowledge about the capabilities of nurse practitioners by physicians, registered nurses and the general public.
PowerPoint Presentation: Institute of Medicine Advanced Practice Task Force of Iowa

What is an ARNP flier

Guidelines for Bylaw Revisions

What is an ARNP

ARNP Paradigm  Chart