Future of Nursing 2030 Draft Action Plans:


The Innovations Fund

Phases: 2019, 2020

Taking Action to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Washington

Project Descriptions:


The National Alliance for Filipino Concerns launched the “Bayanihan Response to COVID-19″ to respond to the immediate and long-term health and wellness needs of Filipino communities in the United States and the Philippines. Via a telephone weekly check in and screening with elders identified as high need, callers assess for COVID-19 symptoms, food, prescription, utilities, housing needs and pre-paid phone minutes. They also offer a grocery and meal delivery program to ensure clients have access to nutritious and culturally appropriate food.  Lastly, they will conduct a community wellness survey. Focus group results will be disseminated to community members, stakeholders, and the public. In collaboration with Seattle University College of Nursing, and support of the Washington Action Coalition, they will use survey data to create interventions and initiatives to address community needs.


The Washington Action Coalition seeks to build on previous research showing Washington nurses are eager to promote a Culture of Health in their communities, but want additional guidance around implementation. The Action Coalition will work with motivated health care facilities in the state to create action plans for nurses to address the social determinants of health at the point of care, and to track key performance indicators following the implementation of these action plans.