The Innovations Fund

Phases: 2018, 2019

Nebraska: Multi-Sector Collaboration in Action

Project Description:

2019: The Nebraska Action Coalition will focus on three projects designed to address health equity in under-resourced areas through innovative programs that focus on housing and access to health and health care. They will 1) pilot a project with a local community organization to address chronic health issues by improving housing stock, 2) build on previous work to collect baseline data on nurses working with community health workers, and 3) pilot a mentoring project to support nurse aides. 

2018: The Nebraska Action Coalition will involve nurses on an interprofessional committee whose purpose is to increase access to care by promoting the involvement of community health workers on interdisciplinary teams. The Nebraska Action Coalition will also participate in events that promote the importance of nurses leading in their communities to help build a Culture of Health. Such activity includes hosting regional conferences using the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health framework and other tools to assist communities in creating their Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP). The information gathered will contribute to the development of a national CHIP model for other communities to use as they create their own plans.