Advancement in Nursing Practice in New York State

The Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act will become law as part of the 2014-2015 enacted budget.

"The new law is a result of enormous efforts the Governor, the Senate and the Assembly, as well as with The NPA leadership and volunteers. There were many outside forces attempting to derail The NPA's efforts to eliminate the onerous and outdated requirement for having a signed Written Practice Agreement as a matter of law. Failure to accept certain changes to our initial proposal would have resulted in the continuation of the arcane requirement. The cooperation among the Legislature, Executive, and The NPA led to the enactment of legislation that truly enhances the nurse practitioner profession in New York State"

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by Lucia Alfano | April 3, 2014

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Kelsey Heckmann

The Nurse Practitioners Modernization Act is a stepping stone for other states to follow after. Most states do not allow NPs the opportunity to work individually. This act provides the NP with the experience most desire before moving them to working individually. This provides the community with more opportunities to receive affordable care as well as provide stability in the job profession as an NP. It’s expensive for hospitals to keep required ratios of physician to NP with the expansion of profession and less physicians preferring hospital work. In addition, this law will continue to allow NPs to open their on practice without having a WPA. Many physicians cannot afford to have a long term WPA or lose WPAs due to being selling their practice leaving the NP without a job. This act will assist in providing autonomy for the profession as well as give the community more belief in the profession. Many people are less likely to trust a healthcare profession if every move must be watched by a physician for a long period of time. Most have the thought “Why not just see the physician?”. This act really gives the NP the ability to be a respected individual in the healthcare system. In the future, hopefully other states will have similar changes to the requirements to establish a nationwide set of rules so any nurse practitioner can travel state to state with the same responsibilities.
Posted on: April 7, 2014, 10:50 pm


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