California Action Coalition's Mentorship Program Featured on recently highlighted the California Action Coalition’s mentorship program in an article titled “Mentorship Program f

by Aidan McCallion | April 7, 2014

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AARP Bulletin Highlights Efforts in California to Remove Barriers to Nursing Practice and Care

A new article in the AARP Bulletin, “Nurses Seeking Larger Role in Primary Care,” highlights efforts in California to remove barriers to nursing practice and care.

by Meredith Courville | April 1, 2014

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Collaboration Across Action Coalitions

In late October the CA, NY, NJ and PA Action Coalitions collaborated on a presentation at the American Assembly for Men in Nursing meeting that was held in New Jersey. The CA Action Coalition submitted an abstract and asked NY, NJ and PA to consider presenting as a panel.

by Mary Dickow | November 20, 2013

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Leadership in Action Meeting

Thank you to CCNA/AARP teams for an incredible meeting in Seattle, WA! The ability to work across AC's, share resources and brainstorm new ideas was inspiring. The timing was perfect for California! We have a gameplan and a strategy informed by your panelists, the table top conversations and the wisdom of all the leaders in the room. I know the next two meetings will build off this one and other AC's will reap the benefits as well. 

by Mary Dickow | November 20, 2013

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California Nurse Practitioner Bill Drawing Media Attention

A bill in California which would allow some nurse practitioners (NPs) in the state to practice independently is moving its way through the state legislature and drawing media attention to the issue of increasing access to

by Meredith Courville | August 15, 2013

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California welcomes the first cohort of students in the APIN Program!

Last week seventy students began their ADN to BSN journey with summer courses at CSU Los Angeles. Lorie Judson, APIN Project Director and I had the opportunity to address the students and were truly inspired by their enthusiasm and commitment to the program.

by Mary Dickow | June 21, 2013

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California Senate Approves Scope of Practice Legislation

On Tuesday, May 28, the California State Senate passed Senate Bill 491 by a vote of 22 to 12. The proposed legislation would remove barriers to practice for nurse practitioners in California, allowing them to work autonomously without physician supervision.

by Winifred V Quinn, PhD | June 3, 2013

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LA Times: California Should Follow Lead of States with Least NP Restrictions

In an April 21 editorial, the Los Angeles Times outlines challenges – and solutions – facing California’s need for more primary care providers. The Times notes, “ two tiers already: one that offers care, and one where no one is available to provide it. The quickest way to improve the situation is to let medical professionals do more of what they can do, and already are doing in many other states.”

by Meredith Hunter | April 23, 2013

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Article This Week in Sacramento Bee points to importance of messages used  


An article this week (see link above) in the Sacramento Bee was entitled "With Federal Health Law Medical Professionals Look to Expand Turf."

The article begins and continues on this note:

by Peter Reinecke | April 18, 2013

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Are you comfortable with someone who isn't a physician as your primary care provider?

There was an Op-Ed earlier this week in LA Times on the physician shortage and favorable view of nurse practitioners.  Yesterday the paper posted the question "Are you comfortable with someone who isn't a physician as your primary care provider?"  Please vote yes -,0,1509396.story

by Andrea Brassard | February 15, 2013

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