Surveying CAHs: Meeting IOM's Recommendations

Just sent out a survey to all hospitals across the state with this request:

I need information about how your HCO is adapting to meet the need for healthcare delivery change. This is particularly important for Critical Access Hospitals as you look for innovative ways to sustain your organization. We will use this info as examples of best practices as we travel across the state to speak (offering 2 CEUs for nursing).  I am listing the IOM Recommendations below to help you recognize what your organization may be doing to promote transformative change.

I listed all 8 Recommendations. Replies are being posted next to Recommendations. See this response from Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff, NE a 182-bed acute care hospital serving over 120,000 people across portions of Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado.

by Victoria Vinton | January 2, 2013

Tags: education, interprofessional-collaboration, leadership, practice, nebraska

Pat Farmer

As someone from a very rural area served by a CAH, I will look forward to any input about this. Our small hospitals have some very significant challenges, but also sometimes offer a unique 'laboratory' for trying something out on a small scale. One area in which we are making significant gains is in the roles of APRNs. We have NP hospitalists and CNMs practicing in roles which are fairly autonomous for our state.
Posted on: January 4, 2013, 12:12 pm


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