Medicaid rules re: Durable Medical Equip (DME) and NPs

How many states’ Medicaid plans do not let NP’s order DME supplies? Does this privledge go hand in hand with NPs full practice authority in states? An NP in Omaha was recently told by a local pharmacy that she was not allowed to order something as simple as a gauze dressings under NE Medicaid rules – has to ordered by a MD, DO or DPM. We need this information as a "barrier to practice example" for a 407 Review Process on scope of practice in Nebraska. 

by Victoria Vinton | February 6, 2013

Tags: practice, nebraska

Victoria Vinton

Contacting the Director of Health Policy/Federal Government and Professional Affairs at the American Association of NPs. Will be happy to share info if permission given.
Posted on: February 6, 2013, 12:45 pm

Pat Farmer

It is so critical to verify and centralize this kind of information. Sometimes it is erroneous (i.e. someone said that someone said) and sometimes it is a matter of an inappropriate "interpretation" of regulation by an institution. When it is genuine, we need to hold it up to the light, as you suggest. Our most recent version here in CA is that now I cannot order PT on Medicaid patients under age 18. I have to fax a copy of the order to an off-site physician for a signature. The physician does not see the patient or review the chart. This wastes time and money and provides no benefit whatsoever to the quality or safety of patient care.
Posted on: February 11, 2013, 2:58 pm


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