Communication Intern Joins the Team!

NJAC Communications InternOne of the NJAC's primary strategic goals for this year is to improve communications to multiple constituents.  Recognizing the need for expertise in this area we reached out to the Communications and Information Studies Graduate Program at Rutgers University in New Brunswick.   A flyer was sent to the department to see if there were any graduate students that had an interest in an unpaid internship.   Low and behold Shikha Manchanda applied.  Shikha is currently pursuing her Masters in Communications.  She has a special interest in healthcare focusing specifically in the past on Breast Cancer Awareness. 

As part of this internship she is providing 300 hours to the NJAC!  She will receive 6 Graduate credits for this experience.  A sample of the flyer and the job description are attached.

"Shikha is a quick learner about the work of the NJAC. She is engaged and engaging in her approach to the work of the NJAC" said Edna Cadmus, Co-Lead for the NJAC.  As an example, she reached out to her primary care physician to find out what she thought about the APN scope of practice restrictions.   She not only was supportive of APNs and removing barriers to practice but she was looking to hire an APN.

She is beginning to create a newsletter, e-mail blast capability to nurses across the state, video for our board presentations and educated us on social media uses.    We are happy to have Shikha on our team!

by Edna Cadmus | June 12, 2013

Tags: new-jersey

Stefanie Cruz

Congrats Shikha!
Posted on: June 18, 2013, 8:22 am

Shikha Manchanda

Thanks Stefanie! Thank you Dr. Cadmus on this introduction!
Posted on: June 18, 2013, 10:10 pm


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